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A Passion For Clean and Beautifully Designed Mobile Applications

I have created a number of Mobile Apps. Here are the more interesting ones..

Leaflets is my brainchild. I have designed and developed it. It is my first app on the App Store. Leaflets is a public social networking app that lets you discover and publish meaningful content on purposeful topics you love.

My vision is to turn Leaflets into the preeminent social networking app that enables the community to publish beautiful, meaningful and purposeful content, in return shifting the focus from chasing likes, followers and posting content that serve no real purpose. A community where members are able to express themselves creatively and safely, share their meaningful content freely with the World, and explore their passion by discovering purposeful content created by other members.

Project Details

Platform: iOS
Category: Social Networking
Lines of Code: 16000+
Language: Swift and Objective C
Backend: Parse Server
Libraries: Swift Bond, MBProgressHUD, TTTAttributedLabel, and DateTools
Technologies: Parse Cloud Code, Push Notifications with Custom JSON Payload

See the weather forecast like never before — Thundery’s clean and simple user interface allows you to focus on the details that matters to you. Experience the weather forecast like never before — Thundery’s immersive user experience makes checking the weather inspiring and entertaining.

Stop reading this. Get the App, and experience weather like never before.

Project Details

Platform: iOS
Category: Weather
Language: Swift
Powered By: Forecast.io
Libraries: SwiftSpinner, Alamofire
Technologies: Local Notifications

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