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I have worked on a wide range of subject areas such as Photonics, Robotics, Radar, Navigation, UAV sensors, control, and autonomous flight, and Renewable Energy. My latest publications, invited workshops/talks along with the list of academic projects I have worked on can be found below.

Mach-Zehnder Interferometer: Design, Analysis, Simulation, and Fabrication.

BFA Optimized Intelligent Controller for Path Following Unicycle Robot Over Irregular Terrains.

Intelligent Path Tracking Hybrid Fuzzy Controller for a Unicycle-Type Differential Drive Robot.

Micro–Doppler Analysis of Helicopter Rotor Blades Radar Returns

Implemented SLAM For A Camera Cased Navigation On Parrot AR. Drone

Designed and Built A Quadcopter That Can Autonomously Transport A Payload From A Roof To An Arbitrary Target On The Ground.

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